March 6, 2015

Back to Wellness Center – One of the Best Wellness Centers in Los Angeles

Five star

Back to Wellness is one of the best wellness centers in Los Angeles. It aims to assist as many people as possible in becoming healthy through natural methods.

We are a top holistic health care provider that can help you in revealing your true potential so you can enjoy long-lasting benefits. Conveniently located in Studio City, California, we have a team of health professionals, who assists our patients in achieving the best versions of themselves.

With Back to Wellness Center Services, Los Angeles residents are becoming healthier and healthier through natural means. If you or your loved ones are suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, and fibromyalgia, Back to Wellness center can offer you safe, drug-free alternative treatment.

Best Physical Therapy and Wellness Centers in Los Angeles

Services at the Back to Wellness

As one of the best wellness centers in Los Angeles, Back to Wellness will conduct a thorough examination to each patient before identifying the most efficient, effective treatment.

Acupuncture is one of our drug-free treatments that can regulate blood circulation, thereby, restoring health.

Your body has acupuncture points but each has its own specific depth. Our well-trained acupuncturist knows how deep the needles must be inserted to stimulate proper blood circulation.

During and after treatment, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated as you experience total relief of your symptoms.

Non-needle treatments

There is nothing to worry about the needles that we insert as they are disposable and we only use them once. However, if you are one of those patients who dislike the use of needles, you can opt for our non-needle therapies, like massage therapy.

Just like acupuncture, our message therapy service reduces stress and fatigue while it enhances blood circulation. Our massage therapists and physical therapists are well-trained. They apply different massage variations and techniques based on the patient’s specific condition.

Massage therapy is essential for patients who are suffering from chronic headache, insomnia, arthritis, asthma, and deep tissue damage.


Back to Wellness center is one of the best wellness centers in Los Angeles that offers chiropractic services. This is one of the most popular drug-free alternatives in treating pains and aches by restoring normal range of motion allowing the body to heal itself.

Unlike other chiropractic centers in LA, we will first explain to you the science behind this treatment and identify whether or not you are a good fit for this treatment. If you are, then that is the time we develop a plan for your condition and help you achieve your health goals.

Written by Doran Hendelman D.C.

Article written by Doran Hendelman D.C.

Doran Hendelman holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College and his technique ranges from manual adjustments to low force technique. Dr. Hendelman is committed to treating the body as a whole and by integrating chiropractic with other forms of therapy he helps patients realize stronger and healthier bodies.

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