Better Options for Treatment for Low Back Pain in Sherman Oaks

Lower back pain can interrupt your life in many ways. You may find that you are never comfortable, no matter if you are standing, sitting or lying down. Sleep only comes to you in small amounts because you cannot find a position where your back does not hurt and going to work each day has become more and more difficult. You have seen different doctors in the hopes of finding an answer to your problem, but back pain like this can be hard to pin down and diagnose properly. All your efforts leave you with few options in the medical world today outside of taking powerful painkillers each day or opting for surgical methods. There are better options available to you today for the treatment of low back pain in Sherman Oaks that can bring you the comfort you seek.

Medical Treatment for Low Back Pain

All too often people find themselves taking various medications in the hope relieving the pain they experience each day. The problem is that pain medications, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, are only going to provide you with a temporary fix to the problem. You may get some hours of relief from pain, but without constantly using the medicine the pain may not subside much, if at all. Surgery can be another option for you, but surgical procedures can be drastic and dangerous, and when it comes to treating back pain, surgery is far from a sure thing for you, and you could end up still feeling pain each day.

Treatment for Low Back Pain Sherman Oaks

An Alternative Treatment for Back Pain

A better option for your treatment for low back pain in Sherman Oaks can be found at our facility here at Back to Wellness Center. We take a different approach to back pain, offering you therapies that can help you like chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture and more. Our treatment plans are customized to fit your needs so you get treatment that will be most effective for you.

Get Treatment That Works for You

To find out what treatment for low back pain in Sherman Oaks can be most effective for you, make time to see us here at Back to Wellness Center. You can make an appointment for an evaluation with us so that we can talk about your back pain and go over the best options available that can work well for you. Contact us today by calling 818-985-2559 to arrange an appointment. See the better treatment options we offer and get the relief from pain that allows you to enjoy life again.