The Benefits of Pilates in Sherman Oaks

If you have suffered an injury to your back or other part of your body, very often you may need to go through some type of physical therapy to help you recover. Even if you did not have to have any surgery as part of your treatment, physical therapy can be necessary as a way to help you regain strength so you can recover more fully. While there are a variety of treatment options that may be available to you, the use of Pilates as part of rehabilitation is becoming more and more prominent. You will find that there can be a number of benefits to doing Pilates in Sherman Oaks as part of your recovery efforts.

Strengthening Your Core

Perhaps one of the best benefits of Pilates in Sherman Oaks is that the exercising you will do will help you to strengthen your core muscles. Your core muscles can be essential in helping you to properly recover from a variety of injuries, particular those that may be related to your back, knees or hips. Pilates works to teach you to control and strengthen the smaller muscles that are part of your abdominal area and your back. This can help you to have better control and mobility in other areas of your body, allowing you to properly recover from your injuries and be stronger than before.

Taking it Slow

One of the keys to using Pilates is to slowly build yourself up in the type of training that you are doing. This can be especially important if you are recovering from an injury or surgery. If you have never done any type of Pilates before, your best bet is to start off with a beginner’s class so that you can slowly learn the basics of the exercises. This will allow you to build up at your own pace so that you learn the proper way to use, activate and strengthen your core muscles. You can then move on to more advanced classes that can help in your recovery.

The Benefits of Pilates in Sherman Oaks

Using Pilates in Sherman Oaks as part of your rehabilitation can be the ideal way to improve your flexibility, strength and movement. If you want to take part in a session under the care of a licensed physical therapist you will want to contact the Back to Wellness Center at 818-985-2559 or go to to learn more about what Pilates therapy can do for you.