Back to Wellness Center – Full Service Wellness

Back to Wellness Center offers a full service wellness performed by high-skilled, well-trained professionals. Below you’ll find the services we offer and a brief introduction of each service.

Physical Therapyfull service wellness

Our physical therapy programs aim to help you get back to your job and living a life without the pain as the result of an accident. The programs included will use functional activities that can assist you in returning to your daily responsibilities.

When you visit our clinic, our licensed physical therapists will conduct an in-depth evaluation and create a plan of care to assist you in returning to independent and pain-free life.


Back to Wellness Center’s chiropractic care is performed by Doran Hendelman, D.C. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and he’s been in the industry since 1999. He’s also the founder of Back to Wellness Center.

All of our chiropractic services are designed to help you avoid surgery and medication as a result of your condition. You’ll benefit from it when you have chronic pain caused by old injuries or acute pain from new injuries.

Our chiropractor will treat you as a whole and not just the area that’s giving you pain.


It’s managed by well-trained acupuncturists. Because of its effectiveness, it’s been gaining popularity in the US. It works by inserting needles to certain areas of your body to restore proper blood flow and reduce symptoms of your condition.

There are several conditions that can be effectively treated by acupuncture and some of them will include multiple sclerosis, depression, asthma, and weight loss.


It maintains and enhances your well-being. Pilates aims to help you maintain a stronger, fitter body by strengthening your core as you’re recovering from an injury.

Our trained Pilates professionals work with our chiropractors and physical therapists to make sure that you will recover faster.

Massage therapy

There are quite a lot of benefits of a massage therapy. And this is why we include it in our full service to wellness. When dealing with your pain, it’s not enough to just look into temporary solutions. With regular massage therapy, you’re treating your body as a whole so you will feel better.

Our massage therapy service is tailored to your needs so you can be sure that you’ll receive its physical and emotional benefits.full service wellness


Our nutritionist will help you meet your individual needs so you can start living a nutritionally healthy life no matter what kind of lifestyle you may have. Dr. Melina B. Jampolis will assist you with your healthy eating strategies, meal plans, etc.

You will also have a one-on-one session with her so to create a personalized action plan for you based on your health and medical issues.

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