What Makes Chiropractor Dr. Doran Different From His Competitors?

Dr. Doran is a well-respected chiropractor in America. He based his treatment plan to the philosophy that a person’s body is unique. Thus, each patient should have a unique approach to achieve proper healing. One Stop Shop Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Doran does not work alone. He’ll refer you to his network of physicians whenever

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Professional massage

Pregnancy Chiropractor in Studio City

A lot of our patients would come to our pregnancy chiropractor clinic asking if it’s safe to undergo a chiropractic treatment. We’d tell them that it’s not only safe, but it’s also highly beneficial before, during and after pregnancy. Our chiropractor, Dr. Doran Hendelman, is specially trained in treating pregnant women. He also specializes in

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Back to Wellness Center – Full Service Wellness

Back to Wellness Center offers a full service wellness performed by high-skilled, well-trained professionals. Below you’ll find the services we offer and a brief introduction of each service. Physical Therapy Our physical therapy programs aim to help you get back to your job and living a life without the pain as the result of an

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy After Car Accident in Los Angeles

Auto Injuries Each year, there are millions of people in the US who got injured after a car accident. Their injuries require immediate treatment. Low-speed accident can cause muscle injury, whiplash and sprains. High-speed accident, on the other hand, causes a more serious injury that will result in several symptoms, such as neck and back

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Post Car Accidents Recovery

Physical Therapy Sherman Oaks, CA

The physical therapy Sherman Oaks, CA service of Back to Wellness Center has been providing patients with comprehensive programs for years. We work closely with physicians and licensed physical therapists to provide a wide array of services to patients, regardless of age and condition. Our comprehensive physical therapy program is designed to treat the entire

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