All-in-one Car Accident Chiropractic Center

All-in-one Car Accident Chiropractic Center

Welcome to Back To Wellness


Back To Wellness offers the most complete treatment program to get patients feeling better fast. After suffering a car accident, even if it was not severe, you may suffer from ailments like neck and back sprain/strain as well as whiplash injuries. We specialize in treatment of car accident injuries and provide a total plan to suit each person’s specific needs.

Our wellness center is a high-end rehabilitation facility that excels in physical therapy, chiropractic care, pilates and massage therapy. We also offer acupuncture or refer to other specialists and imaging when necessary. We are able to work with your attorney or recommend a top rated attorney for you. All this makes us one of the most complete physical therapy center in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are definitely not your average treatment facility:

  • Specializes in Treatment of Car Accident Injuries
  • Same-Day Appointments Available
  • High-End Rehabilitation Facility
  • Acupuncture Available
  • Imaging Specialist Referral Available
  • Work with Top-Rated Attorneys
  • Easy Parking Available
  • We Accept Liens

Such level of excellence allows us to offer same days appointments. Back to Wellness Center is located in Studio City and also serves patients in Sherman Oaks and Valley Village. Our comfortable facilities have easy parking and accessibility. We also accept liens. Back to Wellness Center strives to give you all the facilities and the options for you to start healing right away.

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For years we have helped many patients to achieve stronger, healthier bodies. That is our mission and what we strive for. To do that, we provide an accurate diagnosis for each patient. Basing on this diagnosis, we create a holistic treatment regimen to address each specific ailment.

Along with the precision and personalization of our treatments, Back to Wellness also offers a friendly environment to make you feel comfortable and content from the very beginning. We are knowledge professionals with many years of experience treating all type of patients. We know what you’re going through and understand that a welcoming mood is essential for you to begin your healing treatment.

Get high-quality care, the latest technology, proven techniques and a warm treatment to heal. Give yourself the chance to go ‘Back to Wellness’!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Studio City Wellness Center, call 818-985-2559 today!