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Back To Wellness: A comprehensive total care program to help patients feel better fast.

Our Mission

Back To Wellness Center’s mission is to provide the latest and most advanced non-invasive treatment methods to achieve our patients’ pain and injury recovery needs as well as their wellness needs. We are committed to educating our patients in self care to help with their recovery and prevent and minimize impact of future injury comprar tadacip.

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The Back To Wellness center offers patients a total treatment plan. We work with patients to find the source of the pain.

Back To Wellness is located in Studio City. The clinic has a full line of professional care designed to treat the patient as a whole person. We offer physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, pilates and massage therapy to patients in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, and Valley Village. Our mission is to help our patients realize stronger, healthier bodies than they ever thought possible.

We offer a complete treatment plan by working with patients to accurately diagnose the source of pain and building a holistic treatment regimen to fully address each patient’s specific condition.

The Back To Wellness center is a state of the art facility staffed with friendly, knowledgeable professionals. Our staff works to provide the highest quality of care in a welcoming environment combining the latest technologies with proven techniques.

Meet Our Wellness Center Team

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